The Crazies

I use to think I was just like everyone else. They always said I was crazy. I am beginning to accept what they said may very well have been true all along.

You can call me Whit, but since that is not original enough for the internet, you will probably see my refer to myself as whitkae.

Things that are a bit crazy:

  • My life travels:  I was born in Albany, NY. In 2000, my family & I moved to Westfield, NY (yes, it was a big jump from city to country). From there, I attended a few different colleges before settling down & completing my B.A. in English from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC. While there, I quite often made trips to Blacksburg, VA (including living there for a summer) to visit Ben who was attending grad school at Virginia Tech. Once he & I were both graduated, we moved to Knoxville, TN where we lived for 2 years. In May 2011, we sold almost everything we owned, packed our cats & lives into a Honda Civic & Toyota Corolla, & made the move of the millennium to Austin, TX.
  • Ben. Ok, so he is sorta normal. But our story is a bit crazy. Ben is originally from PA. We were in a long distance relationship from 2005 -2009. In fact, our whole relationship has a thread of crazy running through it, but I would not trade it for the world. Yeah, that was the line I wrote that inspired this entire blog. Ben is amazing & I love him with my whole heart.
  • Our 2 cats: Beans & Cid. Beans is a fairly normal cat, except that she is super layed back, affectionate, & can jump insanely high. Cid is NOT a normal cat. I am pretty convinced he actually thinks he is a dog. He meows when he wants to get your attention, plays fetch with his “shakey ball” for hours if you let him, & loves belly rubs. They are crazy, but we like them.



  • My family. THEY ARE CRAZY. My parents & little sister (MJ) live 1500 miles away in New York (near Buffalo). I miss them a ton, but when we get together it is madness. I also have a huge & also crazy extended family.

we almost even look normal!!

That is only a sampling of the thread of crazy that runs through my life – I did not want to overwhelm you all at once. To learn more about me, just ask me!!

If you want to chat:

P.S. Please do not steal or “borrow” anything I say, write, or make. At least mention that it is mine. I will grant you this courtesy, please do the same. 


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