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my commute

Remember when I said I was getting use to the drive to work? A few days after I wrote that post I witness 2 accidents. The first was fairly simple & a common occurrence around here. Two cars were trying to merge into the same lane in front of me (because I am nice & let people merge into the lanes) so I had to beep to make sure they knew what was happening.

The second accident was SCARY. As I was in my exit only lane about to get off on the exit I take to work some idiot in the lane to my left was 1. not paying attention 2. on his cell phone 3. not awake or 4. all of the above. The guy who was in front of him was breaking & dumb dude had to SLAM on his to stop from rear ending him. I am talking major slamming (squealing tires, smoke, skid marks on the pavement). He got SO close to hitting the guy in front of him he had to turn into my lane (the lane to his right). The only problem with that move was that I was driving in that lane in the same place he thought he could occupy. Luckily there was a VERY small median on my right I could swerve into so I avoided hitting him & causing the 8 people behind me from slamming into me causing a major car accident.

AWESOME drive to work. Just awesome. But that has been the worst of it.

There are good parts to my drive though:

  • time to think. it is nice to have 20-30 minute in the morning to just think & sing at the top of my lungs (the drive home is usually 15-20 minutes & a mad dash, not very relaxing)
  • the view is pretty awesome

the Austin skyline - at nearly the end of my drive to work

  • being downtown at work has some perks & awesome views

Capitol building in my mirror on way home

  • besides all the other drivers & insane cars/trucks people down here have, the wildlife can get a bit wacky too

see all those black dots? that is a swarm of birds

At first I thought they were bats, because that is what the bats look like when they come out from under the bridges around here. But no way, those turned out to be birds. Birds everywhere!! It was pretty nuts. At the 2 stop lights before I got home I rolled down the windows & all you could hear were birds chirping. Sounds like spring is in the air : )



Besides the near death experience ever once & awhile, I am not hating my commute.


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