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our busy weekend

This past weekend I got the “OMG panic I start work again Monday there goes all my free time” feeling times like 100. That combined with Ben getting an urge to actually get some projects done led to perhaps one of the most productive weekends we have had in a LONG time.

First on the list was solve this problem:

tv glare before curtains

Watching tv in the day time was horrible. We have a nice tv & we love all the light that our westward windows let in, but the combination of the two was terrible. Plus in the summer time our wall of windows made for lots of hotness (not the good kind) & higher bills. Hopefully our new thermal curtains fix that.

hanging the curtain rod

The first step was finding a 13 foot curtain rod to cover the length of both our windows & the door that leads to our front porch. This is the one we bought from Amazon. Heck yes that sucker goes up to 170 inches!! Luckily, we did not need to extend it THAT much though.

We decided on these curtains we got from Home Depot.

curtains opened

That is how light it looks on an overcast day with all our curtains opened & no other lights on.

half closed curtains

Beans demonstrating why we have to leave the bottom of the door blinds closed. The cats NEED to look out them. If we close them they just end up cramming their little faces between the slates & making me worried they are going to snap.

curtains closed

This picture was taken only minutes later. With all the curtains closed (but the wooden blinds still opened) & the living room light on.

curtains hanging

close up of curtain material - nutmeg tweed color

Even after almost 2 hour of curtain ironing after washing & tumble drying our curtains, I still love them. They have such an awesome texture it just makes me want to pet them.

What makes me want to pet them EVEN more…. check out what our tv looks like now!! GOOD BYE GLARE!! (& that is with the wooden blinds open!! closed there is almost none!!)

tv glare after

Once the tv was de-glared, it was onto some bedroom activities.

Now that we have our brand new bedroom set & pretty Ikea duvet cover, it was high time for some wall art because staring at a khaki colored wall of nothing is only so fun.

updated bedroom

The center brown frame was a piece of art my Momma got me years ago. I have wanted to find a place to display it because I absolutely love it. Until now it never got the attention it deserved. Now I get to see it every morning I wake up 🙂

I needed something to balance out the big brown frame though. Enter Goodwill (because where the heck else do I buy home furnishings besides Ikea). Those white frames had seen better days. They were white to start with but dirty “I spent the last couple of years in the attic/garage” sort of white. So I just repainted them white.(The following picture also demonstrates how dirty they were)

after I re-painted

I mainly got these because of the awesome design

Taking a note from one of my previously painted picture mattes, I decided to paint this matte too. Originally it was white & yellow. I decided to paint over the yellow areas with white on the outside & just a touch of green on the inside. The whole point of these frames was to tie together the colors in the duvet cover with the rest of the room.

painted matte

Once the matte was done, I found a saying I NEEDED to be able to read every morning:

“Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry”

The “sign” is actually just a piece of cardboard painted brown that has white sticker letters on it. It is so simple, but I love it so much!! Especially next to my birdie framed art.

my new bedroom images

I also needed a picture on the other side of these guys:

Enter Albert the Albatross. I was out of inspiration as to what to put in the other frame. I decided to ask Ben what his favorite animal was & he said albatross. (sorta weird, I know) Since it was in the bird family though, it fit my theme (good thing he did not say rhino). A little bit of googling, a bit of ink wasted & now we have an albatross hanging on our bedroom wall.

Albert the albatross framed

Eventually I might take the image to Walgreens or on Snapfish & get it professionally printed, but for right now, he makes a great place holder. Who knew albatross were so pretty?!

Beans even decided to check out the new art work & show how well her eyes match the duvet cover.

Beans quite unimpressed I woke her up

So now every single morning this is my view when I wake up:

& it really does make me happier than a bird with a french fry.


So there you have it. After 8 months of living here we finally have hung our very first set of curtains (ever!!) & have finally finished the bedroom (minus curtains if we ever decide to do that).

It was quite a productive weekend!! & we still spent Sunday evening watching the Giants kick butt (this joke brought to you by the guy that scored with his butt bahahaha)




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