the final piece

We have now lived in Austin just one month shy of an entire year. In a few weeks we will celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the trip we took to Austin when we were looking for places to live. That visit was the first time that either of us had stepped foot on Texas soil. While it feels like we have lived in Austin for awhile (WAY much more so than when we lived in Knoxville), it is strange to thing it has only truly been a year.

the Austin skyline from one of our trips down town

To commemorate the fact that we have lived here almost an entire year (& because we both got TERRIBLY annoyed with eating dinner on our couch), this weekend we bought a table!! That is correct, it has been a bit over 11 months since we have eaten dinner in our condo at a table. Sure we had the coffee table & a desk, but let me tell you it is not the same. NOT AT ALL. We now have a place we can both sit & eat without having to bend over at uncomfortable angles or worry about making a mess on the couch we so dearly love.

As exciting as this purchase was in & of itself it also marks a pretty big milestone. That table was the last piece of furniture we had to replace since the Knoxville move. If you remember, we sold AS CLOSE TO EVERYTHING AS YOU CAN GET before we did the 2 day move from TN to TX. For the past year we have filled our new home with bits & pieces we jointly enjoyed. A good chunk of them came from Ikea & Amazon. & now to complete the circle we are the proud owners of a Target dining room table (yet another staple store in our lives).

We had some issues finding something that would be just right. The way the condo is designed, there really is not a defined “dining room area.”  There is a light that hangs from the ceiling where we imagine a table is supposed to go underneath, but that completely blocks the flow of traffic from the top of the stairs & sections off the room in a way we both hated. Our quick fix when we first moved in was getting bar stools to put up against the small overhang near our kitchen sink. It was sort of an island set up, only our knees hit up against the wall & thus we ended up eating most of our meals on the couch.

Since space was an issue, getting a full sized, “real” dining room table was out of the question. There was no way we could fit a table for 6 to 8 people in our condo. That being said, we wanted more than just a table for 2. For the most part it is just the 2 of us, but we decided it would be nice for when we had company to have enough room for more than just 2 people to eat a real meal (EX: we made Ben’s parents eat Thanksgiving on our couch — but not next year!!).

So without further ado here is our table!!

In this picture both of the sides are folded down. This works perfect for us because when it is not in use, or just for a quick meal (breakfast) because it does not take up a lot of space.

When we want to get a bit fancier (EX: how we ate dinner tonight), we can fold up one of the sides & it gives us a bit more room.

It is like having a real table, but takes up MUCH less room & does not cause a traffic jam. The second flap/leaf of the table will be raised for occasions like in May when my family comes to visit. When both are raised, the table easily sits 4 people. We could probably even squeeze in 5 if we had to/wanted to.

The table also has this handy little drawer as you can see in the picture. Right now, we just put extra hand towels for the kitchen in there – despite the fact that I wanted to fill it with chips or dessert items. The two chairs pictured are the ones that came with the table. As I said before we already have 2 more bar stools that we can use for those occasions when we need seating for more than 2 people.

So yup, that is a whole post about the coming of a new era (us living in TX for a whole year) & our new table.

We also made some other exciting purchases in the past few weeks I will have to fill you in about sometime soon.

One year in Texas (nearly) down. Maybe next year around this time I will be posting about how we have lived here 2 years & are moving into our first house!! Ahhh….. a girl can dream 🙂


2 thoughts on “the final piece

  1. Lindsey says:

    Isn’t it amazing, what a single piece of furniture can do to your whole way of life?

  2. Kimwithak says:

    According to my mother, you’re now in possession of adulthood. There’s something about a kitchen table to her that seems to signal being a full-fledged adult. Despite the fact that we have one (but rarely use it) sort of like yours that expands and contracts, she still gets on my case about not having a full dining table. Like I’m some sort of heathen. 🙂

    Congrats on the milestone and the table!

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