my dreams

Not as in “here is a list of my hopes & dreams,” this is literally a list of some of the dreams I have had in the first 2 months of the year.

I decided to start writing down my dreams because:

  • They are usually insane, a lot of them are scary, but there are also some insanely funny & odd ones. to be honest, it is a bit scary what my subconscious comes up with
  • In the past, I have had a ton of reoccurring dreams, but I can never remember what they are about until I have them again. Since they reoccur, I assume they are important & it would be wise to be able to actually remember what they are about.
  • I am telepathic, or “tele-pathetic,” depending on how you look at it ; ) No really, I think I am. There have been soooo many times that I dream about something & then the exact thing happens. It is not “deja vu” because I dream about it days, weeks, or months before it happens. The only way I will be able to prove this (mainly to Ben that darn disbeliever) is if I have it written down & then it happens. Booo yah Ben. Proof in the printing. **EDIT: so it was not until I was re-reading all of my February dreams that I noticed this actually happened this month!! The night of February 23rd I had a dream I had a premature baby who was choking on some fluid at a wedding/some social event. February 26th a friend informs me that her baby (who was a preemie) had pneumonia the previous week (Feb. 20-25)!! So my dreams are not 100% accurate, but how weird is that!!**
  • It just seemed fun to have a log of my dreams for a year.

What I do is every morning, I type up what I remember from my dreams from the night before. Sometimes I remember all of the dream, sometimes there are multiple dreams, & sometimes it is just bits & pieces or images that stood out to me. The crazy part is, as I start to write what I remember, I begin to remember more & more. At first it was really hard to remember them. For instance, if I had a dream that woke me up in the middle of the night I had to actively recall & think about what the dream was about as I went back to sleep in order to remember the details of it. Now, it seems as if I can recall multiple dreams from one night without having to “replay” them in my head in the middle of the night.

I am not going to post all of them because that would be a TON (I have/remember a dream at least every 3 nights), but usually when I do dream, it is more than 1 in a night.

Without further ado, a sampling of my January & February dreams:

  • January 5: driving my parents van, speeding, & run into the back of an ambulance
  • January 7: 1. raised baby bears 2. working at Y12FCU (real life past employment) & had to deal with member who was very angry about savings bonds she had brought in to cash
  • January 23: MJ wanted a new car, I got her marbles that clanked together to hang in her rearview mirror
  • January 26: 1. at Home Depot taking a home organization class, boys from high school were there & we talked about my house in Westfield getting hit by lightning 2. went to a big party on an island with same group of boys from high school & it was in a castle. we had to hunt for sea food on a big fountain/stairs area & then we drove around in their cars
  • January 28: Ben gets kidnapped by Transformer like robots that hold him captive & I am unable to rescue him
  • January 30: living in a “compound” house (multiple housed joined together, multiple families in one large house). thought there was a break in & people were shot. ran into dining room & see Tina Fey laying on the floor. begin giving her CPR & mouth to mouth, but it turns out she is just choking on pop corn
  • February 1: Dad & I are in a personal air plane (just him, me, & pilot). I am sitting up front in the plane (which seems to be about the size of a car). The plane gets hit by a tornado & we are thrown to the ground, but all survive.
  • February 8: boy scouts are hiking in a big creek/river. one gets his leg stuck under a big rock. i try to help but cannot get to where he is. i try to call 911 multiple times, but they never come. it is hours later before they show up
  • February 18: really wanted a rocking chair (that is all I remember, but it is the truth, I do really want one)
  • February 26: involved in/watching a police car chase, they are going down lots of streets, bag guys turned down one street & there was a giant cheetah (like bigger than 2 houses) that the bag guys car ran into & the police catch them

Told you they were pretty awesome/random. That is seriously like 1/6 of all the dreams I have written down.

So, yeah. Not sure I actually want to know what some of those dreams mean. I have pretty much just decided that I am crazy. But you already knew that.   : )


One thought on “my dreams

  1. Kimwithak says:

    Dreams are simultaneously the best and the worst. They allow me the opportunity to work shit out in a consequence-free environment. But odds are I’ll forget to do that and keep having the same types of dreams anyhow.

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